• First contact: As soon as you fill your profile and CV, start preparing the documents you may need to continue with the process: Passport, Proof of experience (valid), Diplomas or certificates of studies and experience (at least 3 proofs), transcript of records (if related to the experience or from the last level of studies).
  • Follow-up: Once we find an employer whose needs are fulfilled with your competences, an agent from our agency will contact you to schedule an interview with the employer
  • Once chosen: We will send you the formal announcement on any decision the employer makes after the interview.

Preparing international talents for the Canadian workforce

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Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant-IRB nationally licensed by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultans (CICC)

Temporary Residence

Permanent Residence

Canadian Citizenship


  • Recruitment: We will be happy to help you with the research of workers that fulfill the needs of your company and for which we’ll ask a work permit of up to 3 years.
  • Legal procedures: We do all the legal procedures, federal and provincial to let you breath!
  • Relocalisation: Once they arrive, we will help the workers open a bank account, look for an appartment that suits their needs, pick them up at the airport, bus or train station, we’ll take them get their NAS, RAMQ, and we’ll make a city tour. 
  • Financial aid: There are various programs depending on the region which provide financial aid for the enterprises that would help you save some money invested on bringing foreigners. 
  • Integration plan: We’re committed to help you integrate your workers into their new work environment, that’s why we offer a 1-day meeting with you to provide you with the best tips to have a successful incorporation in the company.